jueves, 28 de agosto de 2014

Ways New Soldiers Can Stay Safe at Airports

Whenever I've seen young soldiers with very short haircuts at airports, I knew I could assume certain things about them. For one thing, they are probably on their way home after completing a military basic training. Also, they are probably carrying a lot of money. These new soldiers are still innocent and are vulnerable to the predators at airports who are also aware of the things I've described. I was once a new soldier, and I know about the ways that new soldiers can stay safe at airports.

Be Wary of Strangers Carrying Gifts
I know that the people who work at airports can be aggressive toward new soldiers and may, for example, be demanding about getting a tip for carrying the soldiers' baggage. This is nothing compared to the "wolf in sheep's clothing" methods of the various assortment of con artists at airports. I remember being approached by people who asked for a donation. For the low price of $50, my soul could be saved with their book of mysticism. I probably only bought it because I was naive, but let me say that I was afraid to get on the airplane with it and threw it away. If I was going to be a new soldier again, one of the ways I'd stay safe at airports is to be wary of strangers purporting to be evangelists for some wacky religion.

Stay in Groups
Another way that new soldiers can stay safe at airports is to always travel in large groups of other soldiers. This comes as an easy thing to do since a group mentality has already been established in military training. The ability for new soldiers to keep each other safe at airports is a natural extension to what they've learned about keeping each other safe on a battlefield. I recall lingering by airport escalators with friends because I knew I'd never see them again. On top of this group mentality, it's possible for new soldiers to stay safe at airports because of the newly found physical strength that has come from military training.
These ways that new soldiers can stay safe at airports apply, of course, to other ways that soldiers may travel. I remember being in uniform at a bus station. One of the employees suddenly kicked my boots and treated me like a vagrant, demanding to see my ticket. Maybe he resented that I was a soldier and he wasn't. Still, it's this kind of attitude that makes it so necessary for new soldiers to stay safe at airports.

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